Xanthi Park
Type – Open Field, double – axis tracking
Size – 100 kW
Xanthi Photovoltaic Park S.A.

Xanthi Photovoltaic Park S.A. has completed construction of a
100kWp solar photovoltaic power plant in Xanthi, Greece.

The plant uses 560 photovoltaic panels, installed on double-axis
solar trackers and covers an area of approximately 8,000 square
meters. Since June
9, 2007, the plant is connected to the electrical
grid by the Greek Public Power Corporation
(P.P.C. S.A.), with a 20-
year power purchase guaranteed under the Greek Renewable
Energy Law.
Future projects

The Xanthi solar park is XPP S.A.’s first solar photovoltaic project. It
recently acquired a license to build another 100 kWp PV facility in
Xanthi. The company is expanding operations for large-scale
photovoltaic projects throughout Greece.
The Company

Xanthi Photovoltaic Park S.A. has successfully implemented its first
100 kW plant, with state of the art technology and will continue to
extend its project pipeline for solar plants in the future.
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Xanthi Park
Xanthi Park
Xanthi Park
Xanthi Park